Monday, January 31, 2011

Stay Tuned for Weird Rapa Nui

It's been a godawful long time since I posted anything here...when I returned from Rapa Nui in 2009, I immediately found myself thrust back into the deskworld, where the kryptonite began to do its work. But there is news at last my friends, fresh news...

I originally intended this blog to serve as a venue for uniting my disparate interests, including caving & cave archaeology, politics, weird & noir fiction, music, it was, I only ever posted about my 2009 trip to Rapa Nui.

Now I am proud to say that a novella of weird horror I wrote based on the 2009 expedition has been accepted for publication in an anthology of weird horror, The Aklonomicon, edited by Ivan McCann and Joseph S. Pulver Sr. I am even more excited to tell you that my story will be illustrated by JD Busch, who is also adapting Laird Barron's "Hallucigenia" as a graphic novel. JD also designed the brand new web site for Aklo Press, and created the cognitively dissonant octopus logo for the home page. I can honestly confess that while I was writing "Ana Kai Tangata", I fantasized about JD illustrating it. And now he is. Sometimes, sometimes...things are just good. Do not question them.

You can visit the Aklo Press site and see the logo here:

JD and Ivan say t-shirts and hoodies with this image will be available soon. My daughters are already wanting them.

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