Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eight haiku from Hanga Roa Village, Rapa Nui 13vii2009

Big thanks to Christina Colpitts for challenging me to write these. I hope maybe she will post her eight here or elsewhere as well. We had a fun haiku writing session, and I wrote more than I have in 3-4 years...

winter squall last night--
sky clear this morning but for
one frigate bird

two ships in the bay--
neither is carrying
fresh avocados

locals bundle up
against the austral winter--
the surfers don't mind

craving bananas--
every bunch on the trees here
is green, green, green

the fruit tree we saw
in a sinkhole: Hai'a--
it makes good ice cream

bright yellow guavas
we surveyed this cave Monday--
how did we miss them?

did someone fix
that loose sheet of tin?
now I can't sleep right...

the best sunset yet--
what a view from the shore road!
but I promised bread...


  1. I never really understood Haikus but these are pretty. :)

  2. I like the haiku more than the long poem, for no particular reason, except they seem to better capture the essence of where you are.

    You are missed my friend.. but I suspect you will have to shave or risk the giggles of some of us. You haven't lost an election after all...........