Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Braddah Scottie don't tweet...

This will be a short update. And those of you who know me will know I don't usually do brief. Not boxers either for that matter, but I won't delve into that conundrum here. For those who want TMI, the answer can be found in one of my musical playlists on facebook:


and thus I add a little social filtering while at the same time belaboring the point into ridiculousness. A typical Nicolay move...

Here's the important part: I'm in LAX. My baggage redistribution strategy was a success:

Rolling toolbox: 51.5 lbs.
REI bag: 47.5 lbs.

= no overweight baggage fees.

Of course, my two carry-ons literally weigh more than my checked bags now...

I don't really understand how the REI bag came out that much lighter. Unless either my duster weighs more than 5 lbs., or US Airways' scale at the Durango, CO airport is rigged.

Next stop: Dallas/Ft. Worth. Is the airport in Dallas, or Ft. Worth? I've been in it before, but never stepped outside it to find out where I was. It was only ever a stopover, so I was always focused just on moving on, no offense to the great state of Texas, which has some great caves and some great cavers. And some great cave archaeologists. Although to be sure, most of my favorite Texans are in Austin. Keep Austin Weird!

Not that brief really, after all...which is why-y-y-y Brother Scottie don't tweet...

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  1. I'll be checking on that TMI because I'm nosey like that. So far I'm enjoying this little follow along. Have fun.